November’s Done, Bring on December

Happy NaBloPoMo 2009, y’all! As happens every year, I’m likely to go back to less-frequent posting starting tomorrow.

This year’s stats:

  • total posts: 30
  • by category: knitting – 1, friends – 2, hockey – 4, food – 4, the dogs – 5, tech – 6, life – 7
  • total comments: 46
  • posts with substantive photos: 16

So all in all, a pretty normal blogging month (if you actually blog every day, which I don’t normally do).

I’m really happy that December is tomorrow. Yesterday was the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend here, so I pulled out the Christmas decorations and got them up. I’m ready for Christmas to come! Yes, that is a penguin on the top of our teeny, tiny, fake tree. I love it. 🙂

Our Christmas Tree

My goal for December? I’m going to try to make an Advent calendar. I have some ideas (like this, this, this, this, this, or this). Should be fun!