6 Library Blogs I Read: You’ll Never Guess Why

I’m sure that regular library-type readers of this blog have their own list of library blogs they read. This is an abbreviated version of my list. It is by no means comprehensive (there are over 50 library blogs in my feedly right now). The content of these blogs are the main reason I”m interested in them, but there’s something a little special about each one beyond solely the content that’s got me hooked.

Blog title
The special something.

  1. Letters to a Young Librarian
    This is the blog that got me back into writing earlier this year. Jessica Olin is the primary author and editor of this blog. New posts come out twice weekly, mostly focused on pieces of advice that folks newer to the profession (or to certain roles in the profession) might find useful. 
    Writing as practice.
  2. LibraryProject.info
    This is the newest blog on my radar (start date October 2014). Michael Perry aims to share knowledge about project management specifically as it relates to libraries. I’m always on the lookout for good information about project management and this blog fills a void in our profession.
    Finding a voice.

  3. Library Lost and Found
    A group blog from mainly public and school librarians who are leaders of many sorts (managers, directors, leaders within their areas of the profession or their organization), I find this compelling as a director, middle manager, and someone who constantly enjoys taking on new leadership challenges within (but not so often outside) of my organization.
    Beginner’s mind.
  4. hls: hack library school
    Another group blog, this time from people in library school, I like reading this blog to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the places where our newest colleagues are earning their credentials, especially since I’ve not been in those spaces for 20 years now. (Gasp. And gag. I aged.) This blog has an awesome cast of alumni, along with a wide variety of current authors. Nicely done, hls, keeping it fresh.
    Continually shifting perspectives.

  5. Pegasus Librarian
    Iris Jastram has been dropping total gems in this blog since 2006. Her position in the profession is very similar to mine: she’s an academic librarian at a small, primarily residential, selective liberal arts college. The things she thinks and the way she reflects on those things in written form have helped me and my colleagues become significantly better at working with our students and faculty over many years.
    Inspiring reflection and improving practice.

  6. Constructive Summer: Building the Unified Library Scene
    Rachel Fleming and Erin Leach co-author this blog, which aims to break down barriers and build relationships between the various folks in various parts of libraries. Unification FTW!
    Working together.

So that’s my list of some of the blogs I’m reading these days that have a little something special about them. What blogs are you reading that you’d like more people to pay attention to? And why?