Extra Curriculars

You know how when you’re in school and they call sports and clubs “extra curricular activities”? Well, I work in academia, so I’ve taken to calling my non-work life my extra curriculars. And when I start doing them, I often throw myself info it full steam ahead. Over the past decade, here are the things that I’ve gotten waaaaaay into:

Knitting – I learned in 2004 – it was one of the reasons I started this very blog! And even though I’m lucky to finish one or two things a year now, I have so much yarn. I’ve made a ton of hats over the years thanks to favorite my Ravelry group’s January knit-alongs called the Puck This Hat Trick. If you knit three hats in January you earn yourself bragging rights! Maybe I’ll try that again this year, since it’s been a couple of years since I made any new hats.

Megan in a hand-knit hat
Pretty in pink and cables (my favorite hat!)

Ice hockey – I started playing when we lived in Philadelphia, but moving to Boston threw it into high gear. For a couple of summers I played in 3 leagues, averaging 4-5 games/week. For goodness sake, Amy and I, along with our friend Libby, actually went to adult women’s hockey camp at Dartmouth for 3 summers running! Now I limit myself to one league at at a time – one game per week.  Except that I haven’t been able to play since April. Hoping to get back on the ice in 2015 though.

Megan in hockey gear
In full protective gear!

CrossFit – I started CrossFit in 2008, when I realized that 40 was breathing down my neck and I was only getting less fit and healthy. Like many folks who tend to throw themselves into CrossFit, I annoyed and bored the living daylights out of everyone around me for at least a year, maybe more.  But I got into great shape, got strong, and felt great! When I can, I still go to CrossFit several times a week. (If you’ve ever seen a video of “annoying CrossFitters doing annoying things”, that’s what I was like. Sorry everyone who I subjected to that kind of thing. I’m much more self-aware now.)

Chest-to-bar pullups
Chest-to-bar pullups

Weightlifting – After doing CrossFit for a couple of years, one of my coaches started getting into competitive Olympic weightlifting. I managed to catch his enthusiasm and spent almost a year training solely for that. I participated in a few meets, and had a total blast! If it weren’t for a rather unfortunate ski incident and the realization that training 2-3 hours/day was taking over my life, I’d probably still be doing it. Alas!

Bay State Games - Snatch
In the setup for the snatch.

Downhill skiing – When I was a kid, my folks learned to ski along with my brother and me. I skied regularly (in the midwest – sigh) until I was 18, and then pretty much stopped until I met Amy. Her family all are skiers, so I got back into it. And it’s like riding a bike! I completely remembered how to do it after just a run or two! We ski a lot now, mostly in Maine and New Hampshire. That said, my favorite ski resort is one of the first places I ever skied as a kid: Big Sky in Montana. I hope to get back there next year!

On the chairlift at Big Sky
On the chairlift at Big Sky

So there you have my extra curricular life in a nutshell. I’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t stuck over the years, like yoga, indoor soccer, drawing, running, biking. I’m kind of adrift right now – we’re not yet in ski season, and my ice hockey and CrossFit is severely curtailed thanks to the post-concussive headaches. So I’m trying to figure out where to throw my energies… maybe it’s this blog!