S is for… SOX!

Back to the alphabet theme (I’d stopped doing it a long time ago – whoops!)

So this afternoon someone at work posted about two tickets she had for sale for tonight’s Red Sox/Twins game. I jumped at them, since she was selling them for half-price. Amy and I took the train to Fenway, had some horrid nachos at a “mexican” restaurant, and headed in to the park to find our seats.

Happy Fans

First inning, third batter is David Ortiz. Earlier this week, he’d tied a Red Sox record of 50 home runs in a single season. Would this be the night he broke the record set in 1938?

The windup – Santana delivers – and Big Papi launches one to right-center field, deep into the stands! 51!!!! The crowd goes wild!


Fifth inning – Ortiz is up again – and nails another one out of the park. The crowd starts chanting “M-V-P! M-V-P!”

The record: 52 Home Runs

So much fun to see history in the making. I’ll not forget the goosebumps of those moments for a long time. I think I’m a newly converted Red Sox fan. After being in Fenway tonight, I get it.

So S?  It stands for Sox!

More photos in the series from tonight are here.