Reading: Magazines Are Taking Over My Life

I have a bit of a problem. It’s that I’m apparently the target demographic for a certain set of magazines, and at one time or another I’ve subscribed to most of them.

Yes, I’m the 30-something middle-class female homeowner who is the target market for:

Every month my mailbox fills up and I get stressed about reading all of the magazines which come in. I’ve not renewed any of them for next year; trying to decide which I like best requires more effort than I’ve been willing to spend on it until now.

 dominobody + soulready made

So with that, I think I’m going to let Domino, Body + Soul, and ReadyMade lapse, and am going to re-up on MSL, Real Simple, and Blueprint. We’ll see if having half the home magazines around next year causes less stress for me.

martha stewart livingreal simpleblueprint

Anyone want to buy a near-complete run of ReadyMade (issues 3, 5-31)? The rest of my magazines I cannibalize and recycle….

3 thoughts to “Reading: Magazines Are Taking Over My Life”

  1. yeah, my magazines are out of control too. thanks for the blog idea. . . i’m gonna talk about this. body +soul was one of the new ones i was interested in picking up. i get readymade and blueprint too.

  2. My god, you had that many? I only subscribe to The New Yorker and Reader’s Digest and I can’t keep up. The New Yorker comes weekly! I haven’t picked it up for weeks, isn’t that horrible?! 🙂

  3. i know and feel your pain. when my mom offered to take some of my magazines off my hands (because they tower in piles in several rooms of my house) i told her thanks, but no thanks. mine are all “archival” copies. you know, posterity and all.

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