My Favorite Things (November 2006 version)

There are a few things in my life that I’m really grooving on lately. Rather than hoard that information, it seems only fair to share it with all of you, my numerous readers!

Tivoli Audio Fashion PAL Portable Audio Laboratory AM/FM Radio in sky blue

This small, battery-operated, rechargeable radio is just the right thing for my bathroom. I love the sound, the reception is AMAZING (seriously – I pick up stations from Providence, RI), and it’s so darn cute I could die. Yes, it’s expensive. I splurged on it, because the bathroom is the one place where I need to have peace and calm in the morning. I wanted no cords draped all over the place. This fits perfectly on the bathroom cabinet. I love it!

Kiss My Face fragrance free moisture shave cream

I can’t begin to express how much I love this shave cream. It doesn’t smell (a plus in my book, ymmv), you only need a small amount of it, and it lathers up really nicely. My legs (when I do take the time to deal with them) are always happiest when I use this shave cream over soap or other body washes/shave creams.

No One Cares What You Had For Lunch

Blogger and writer Margaret Mason offers up the blogger’s version of writing prompts. NaBloPoMo made me realize how stinky some of my posts are (who CARES about all those memes anyway?) and this book gives me lots of ideas to make this blog a wee bit better.

Google Reader

I love how Google Reader has changed my blog-reading habits. It’s so much easier for me to navigate through all the chaff and get to the wheat. And no annoying Bloglines plumber for me!

J. Crew factory store corduroys

You can’t get them online, from the catalogs, or in the regular stores. I know because I tried (no way I’m paying more than $50 for a pair of cord, which always wear out faster than other pants for me). But they have these cords in the outlets which are the Perfect Cords for Me. I’m in the smallest size I’ve worn in literally years – and this is because I’m at my lowest BMI in years too. Hockey plus some dedicated work after last winter’s moving/moping/new job/eatingfest has paid off. But these cords – I got one pair and loved them so much that I braved the Wrentham Outlets outside of Boston a few weeks ago to pick up three more pair. I now own them in: light sage green, dark sage green, grey, and a warm honey-brown.

Milky Way mini candy bars (leftover from Halloween)

Apparently I like candy bars with caramel in them. How do I know this? The Twix mini candy bars are gone from the jumbohumongousgigantic bag of candy we got from Costco. And tonight I think I finally found the last Milky Way in the bag. Granted, I’ve thought that before, and always another one surfaces. We’ll see if my luck holds out beyond tonight.
Timex Easy Reader watch with expansion band

It’s been a looooong time since I owned a watch I liked. Normally I agonize over watch purchases, going for something that is exactly perfectly right. On Monday I was in a bunch of meetings where I was supposed to be keeping time, only it was hard to do without a.) a computer (my normal timepiece) or b.) my cell phone (my backup timepiece). So in a fit of needing a watch now, I headed to Target and found this little dandy piece. And I got it way cheaper than they have it listed for at Times! It’s been on my wrist all day and not once has it annoyed me. That is the sign of a fabulous watch in my world.

On a different note, this is just weird.