Geekery and Bookishness

Lately I’ve gotten sucked into a few web sites relating to reading and books.

Today, I caught my first-ever Bookcrossing book! It was called Sharks, and I caught it at the REI store in Conshohocken, PA. I’m highly amused by this, and now need to think of someplace really cool to release it. Ideas, anyone?

The other site I’m getting into is called Bibliophil. Basically, it’s a place to keep track of all the books you own, that you’ve read, or that you want to read. If you go in there, be sure to add me as a buddy. I am, not surprisingly, librarygrrrl. You can see my library here. Obviously, that’s not all the books I’ve ever read, but those are some of the books that first come to mind when I do a project like this. I’m debating the merits of a web-based system of shared organization like this with a local system, dependent on software (like Endnote) that is much more powerful and accurate, but also lacks a lot of the community aspects and “added information” aspects that Bibliophil has (like the buddy system and the importing of book jacket images into the list.) I do like the fact that I can export the Bibliophil file to Excel.

Does anyone use a similar web-based tool for organizing your library? I’ve tried Biblioexpress before, but was never able to get it to save notes or images within my citation libraries. That was supremely annoying. I never reinstalled it, although that may have been the best solution. Bibliographix seems interesting, too.

Maggie is skeptical of all the programs, and isn’t sure which one will work best. Tell her (and me!) which free stuff YOU like best and why, okay now?

Maggie is skeptical

Now it’s bedtime for this librarygrrrl and her little dog. We both hope that you sleep very well.