Fluffy Review Redux: The Well of Lost Plots

So in classic librarygrrrl-fashion, I am barrelling through an author’s repetoire now that I’ve decided I like the first book of theirs. This weekend, I picked up the third Thursday Next book, The Well of Lost Plots. I’ve heard varying reviews of this book, most of which said it was the weakest one in the series so far. Color me a non-critic, but I liked it just as much as I liked the others.

In this book, Thursday decides to take refuge in Bookworld to keep Goliath Corp. and SpecOps off her back while she’s busy percolating her and her eradicated husband’s baby. Her main struggles in this book include remembering her husband Landen (Acheron Hades’ sister Aornis infected her with a forgetting mindworm before she took refuge in Bookworld), learning the ropes involved in being a Jurisfiction agent (will she pass the written and practical exams or not?), and trying to figure out just what’s wrong with UltraBook 9.0 (because we all know that no upgrade is without problems).

Good plot, all the fun of the first book in the explanations of how things work in Bookworld, more Pickwick (Dodo v.1.2) and her egg, and the intrigue of seeing Generics develop into characters… I give this one both thumbs up.

In other news, it’s flurrying again. I do love a white winter, although I wish the city of Philadelphia would figure out how to plow sidestreets more effectively. I understand that parking in this city is a huge drag (and thank goodness for my garage and off-street parking spot), but they’ve GOT to find a way to get people to move their cars so they can plow around here. I’m just saying.