Fluffy Review: Lost in a Good Book

I finished the second of Jasper Fforde’s books in the Thursday Next series, Lost in a Good Book, last night. While not as much fun as the first book, The Eyre Affair, this book still held me captive for several hours until I’d finished the story. This book isn’t quite as strong as the first because we already know so much about how the world in which Next lives. The brain-wrapping that was required in the first novel has already been done.

That said, there are many strong points to Lost in a Good Book. Next’s mentor, Miss Havisham, displays a side of her personality that I never saw in her primary book of residence. Who knew she was such a crazy driver? Who knew she read smarmy romance novels for fun and pleasure? Who knew that the Queen from Alice in Wonderland was her nemesis? Pickwick, Next’s pet dodo, also provides an amusing side-story (at least for this pet-owner). Her quirky and upbeat personality obviously helps Next deal with the eradication of her husband partway through the book.

I’m on to the next book in the series now, The Well of Lost Plots. I’m hoping that I enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the first two books thus far. If you call me a Thursday Next groupie and a Jasper Fforde fan, you wouldn’t be wrong.

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  1. I’m with you. These books are so much fun.

    The only one I’ve not yet read is Something Rotten.

    There is even more Havisham fun in The Well of Lost Plots!

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