Book Review: Life of Pi

This book gave me dreams for several nights – dreams of tigers and boats and the ocean and drifting and survival from those things that vex and scare and intrigue us most.

The first part of the book bothered me initially – I just wanted the author to get to the part about the boat and the tiger. But when I was reading that part of the story, I understood that the first part of the book was so very vital to understanding what Pi Patel and Richard Parker were experiencing on the ocean for so very long.

The final part of the book also annoyed me as I read it. It seemed to forced, too funny, to live in this book of such soul-searching depths. Upon further reflection, however, I see that it is just as vital to the story as everything else, for it forced me to confront the disbelief I’d put aside for most of the book.

Very satisfying, very much indeed. I also now want to call all felines “Richard Parker.”

2 thoughts to “Book Review: Life of Pi”

  1. I loved this book, but was so unhappy with the end. I was obsessed about reading it, couldn’t put it down and finished it very quickly. I think the descriptions in the book are exquistite and I really loved the character of Pi. Richard Parker was great and it was so interesting how personified he became.


  2. I haven’t seen “Life of PI” on the shelves.
    The title is familiar for some reason.
    Is it something like “Whalerider”?
    The DVD “Whalerider” was fairly good.

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