Book Review: Ella in Europe

It should come as no surprise to you that I am crazy about dogs, especially my little beast.

The Beast

So when the new book Ella in Europe: An American Dog’s International Adventures showed up in the library, you know I had to check it out.

And what a great book it was! The author is just the same kind of crazy-dog-lover as I am, the kind who always pets dogs out in public, and the kind who made a major life change in order to share his life full-time with a dog. (I bought a house so I could get a dog.) In the book, the author chronicles his travels through Europe with his best friend at his side, marveling at how civilized Europeans are with civilized dogs. It makes me want to live there, rather than here, for the sake of Ms. Maggie Jane.

Upshot: If you’ve ever loved a dog, or love someone who loves dogs and you just don’t get it, you really ought to get your hands on this book. Maggie and I give it all paws up!

3 thoughts to “Book Review: Ella in Europe”

  1. Nice review. I’ll be looking for the book. Your little beast is charming. *wondering his poundage oops or should I say weight?*

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