Bits and Bobs

  • Sidney Crosby is amazing. He just helped Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Sabres in the overtime shoot-out.  What a shot!
  • BC made it to the women’s Frozen Four!  I’m really excited for them.  Someday there will be a cable channel devoted to women’s college hockey, and I will be one of the first subscribers.  Lake Placid is just a little too far to drive this weekend
  • I’m trying to accumulate a list of college/university computing groups who have blogs.  Unlike in the library community, which has the lovely listing, I can’t seem to find a listing of those sorts of blogs.  Any help, anyone out there?
  • Hi Mom!
  • Maggie got into a porcupine last week.  Fortunately, she realized instantly that she needed to get the hell AWAY from the thing, and only ended up with 5 needles hanging out of her face.  I wasn’t around; Amy got to deal with the little dog getting herself into injury situation without me once again.  (The other times she’s gotten run over by a truck and sliced open her upper lip. Fortunately, no serious damage either time. Dog of Steel.)
  • I’ve been reading again.  I highly recommend Dark at the Roots: A Memoir (a book that will make you treasure your lovely, loving, not-even-remotely-that-dysfunctional childhood) and The Long Run (a book that will ALSO make most people treasure their childhoods).  Love the advance reader’s copies that I can pick up at library conferences… Fun stuff!
  • My life is consumed with three things: reading, work, and hockey.  WHAT HAPPENED TO KNITTING???? I miss knitting, but can’t seem to figure out how to get back into it. Silly hockey obsession!
  • Speaking of hockey, my team is almost done with our season.  We’ve not done as well as we should; we’re one of those teams that tends to play at the level of whatever team we’re playing, for better or worse.  Fortunately, we’ve got a tournament in a couple of weeks where we’ve been placed up a division.  We should get the living daylights knocked out of us, but we’re going to have fun!  A few of use from our team have hooked up with another team and are going to a tournament in Vermont in April, and I just got word of a possible May tournament as well… and then there’s hockey camp at Dartmouth this summer (seriously.) and the power skating clinic in August that I’ve already signed up for.  Did I mention that this is a bit of an obsession?  Can you tell?
  • Last weekend in MN, I watched about 15 games of hockey with my dad.  The Wild, the Gophers, and more high school state tournament hockey than you can shake a stick at.  OFFICIALLY OBSESSED. Which reminds me, I need to get my skates sharpened tomorrow.

That is all.

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  1. mn state high school hockey tourney….is a rite of passage and one of THE MOST minnesotan things about minnesota, isn’t it? crazy good hockey weekend. my house is right across from where the students from the sticks stayed…i got catcalled… from a high schooler! in any case, glad you got to be here on an awesome weekedn of weather… i’m going to have to meet you again sometime when you are in town. xoxo

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