What freedom of information?

An astute government documents librarian at Saint Louis University noticed something recently: The series entitled “Public Papers of the President” seems to have gone into hibernation since Bush II was elected. Curious? Check out the photographic evidence.

Really, I think that this one picture is worth its weight in gold. Damns this administration beyond all belief. Some people might not have liked Bill Clinton (oh, I yearn for the Clinton era), but at least he wasn’t trying to hide anything more than a really stupid affair.

Thanks to GOVDOC-L for this.

4 thoughts to “What freedom of information?”

  1. but maybe there’s fewer volumes, because he’s a moron and lacks any eloquent writing/speaking skills. mastery of the english language would be helpful i would suppose. 🙂

  2. The pagecount isn’t (absolutely) about eloquence or intelligence. It’s about the volume of public statements. This president almost never holds press conferences or speeches. Maybe that’s because he’s not good at it, although there are plenty of us who suspect that the “aww, shucks” routine is a pretty calculated act.

  3. Isn’t that what we could have expected? This administration ignores international law, treaties and conventions. It uses National Security Letters to unconstitutionally gain private information and then prohibits those served from appealing to any court…….stop, calm down Michael.

    Thanks for posting that picture.

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