Two Sad Pieces of News Today

First, the governor of South Dakota signed legislation to ban all abortions in the state.  Apparently a bunch of right-wing ya-hoos think it’s their right to decide what happens in women’s bodies.  Because, of course (note sarcasm), women can’t be trusted to make any sort of complex, moral decisions of their own.  I’m not sure if my desire to throw up is from my migraine or from my disgust at what’s happening all over the U.S.

Arlen Specter, I’m looking at YOU if Roe v. Wade somehow gets overturned.  You – one of the ONLY pro-choice Republicans out there – you will be responsible for abdicating your responsbility to not only your constituents in PA, but to all those people who are pro-choice but happen to live in predominantly Republican states with senators (men) who also think they have the right to tell me what to do with my uterus.  I will lay at your feet, Sen. Specter, the rise in unsafe, illegal abortions that will inevitably happen should South Dakota’s ban on abortions lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  I don’t remember what it was like before 1973, but I have read the stories and accounts, and I have seen photos, and I know that where we might be headed is a dark place.  A very dark, scary place for women – women who will continue (as women always have) to decide to terminate pregnancies for their own personal reasons.  Only, if Roe v. Wade gets overturned, Sen. Specter, these women won’t be able to turn to places like Planned Parenthood – places where women are treated as the fully human moral agents that they are.  Instead they will have to sneak around like criminals.  For shame, South Dakota!  For shame, Sen. Specter!  Shame on all of you for potentially setting us on this path.

The second piece of sad news is in a completely different category.  One of my favorite baseball players, Kirby Puckett, died today of complications from a stroke at age 45.  He was a brilliant player, and despite his troubles after he retired from the Twins, I always held a little place in my heart for him, for giving all Twins fans a few reasons to cheer.  RIP Kirby Puckett.  1987 and 1991 will live on in my heart forever! 

3 thoughts to “Two Sad Pieces of News Today”

  1. I take no delight in Kirby’s death, but the bloom was off that rose for me. Although he was acquitted on the assault charges, I suspect that the allegations of violence by his ex-wife and the accusations that led to his trial may be of a sort. He was fun to watch off the field, but maybe not the sort of figure to celebrate otherwise.

  2. Just hope for the continued good health of Justice Stevens (and for that matter the other four justices who currently would NOT vote to strike down Roe.) 1049.5 days to go. Heaven help us if we don’t win the house in 2006 and the presidency in 2008.

    This S.D. case is a stunt– for now. It will not be enforceable law, and I’m not even sure that this court will choose to hear the case.

  3. darling, darling. hello! i’ve been away so long…. anyway, yes, today is a sad day in the twin towns…i drive past the metrodome every day and today there was a photo and little emmorial thing to the Puck. While i agree with the other commenter that the bloom was off the rose for me i still loved to watch him play the game. that love was undeniable, and he mad the twins a team worth watching. batgirl’s blog today about it is perfect–we loved kirby the athlete, not necessarily kirby the man. xoxo to you.

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