Thank you, rational members of the Senate

This just in: the Senate was deadlocked on the amendment so it won't go forward. Like I said in my last post, let's get back to the business of running the country now.

BBC & CNN report. 


2 thoughts to “Thank you, rational members of the Senate”

  1. I know it is horrible to have to watch the repeated explotation of ignorance, fear, and intolerance. But I am convinced that, as with other civil rights frontiers of the past, the current turmoil is the last gasp of legalized bigotry that is already doomed.

    In 1977, only 56% of Americans thought that “homosexual men and women should have equal rights in terms of job opportunities.” The same question, polled a few weeks ago, showed that 89% of said that that they should.

    In March 2005, only 37% of Americans were opposed to this marriage ammendment. Already, that number has risen to 47%. It’s unfortunate that it’s only 47%, but the trend makes it clear that it’s a dead duck.

    Slowly, we find our decency, and the forces of liberalism win out.

  2. thank god, right? i wasn’t looking forward to the day when my kids would ask me “so you really thought gay people didn’t deserve to get married?” with the same look of horror that i have given to people who went through the Civil Rights era. what it all really is is the “hey look! there’s a bird!” distraction politics since bush’s ratings are in the toilet. he was hoping we’d look at the bird and forget the civilization that’sbeen crashing down around our ears sincce 9/11. actually, it was a really bad idea–no one’s approving of him much these days (least of all me), so why he thought something like that would win a majority support, i’m not sure.

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