Post-Election Exhaustion

After an amazing presidential result yesterday, I find myself conflicted in my joy. Why?

  • Scott Brown (MA State Senate) won (he’s a homophobe, being one of 67 MA legislators who tried to vote to revoke already-granted marriage rights from same-sex couples in MA)
  • Michelle Bachman (US Rep from MN) won (she’s a homophobe, introducing an amendment in the MN House in the 05-06 session to ban SSM)
  • Prop 8 in CA looks as though it may pass. (I hate to disparage an entire religion, having been raised in a religion that often gets disparaged. But I am so livid with the entire Mormon Church right now I can’t even see straight. Pun NOT intended.) (Banning ALREADY-LEGAL SSM)
  • Prop 102 in AZ passed (banning SSM)
  • Initiative 1 in AR passed (banning LGBT people from adopting children)
  • Amendment 2 in FL passed (banning SSM)

What do all of these races have in common? They all can point to an irrational fear of LGBTQ people as instrumental in their success – and I believe that those fears are deeply rooted in religious intolerance.

And that depresses the living shit out of me.

6 thoughts to “Post-Election Exhaustion”

  1. it totally depresses me too. I simply don’t GET it. I was talking to one of my teammates at work today about it. Some things I simply CAN NOT understand the other perspective AT ALL about. Grr.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. With Prop 8 especially, we are looking at a state that is taking away rights from a group of people. That should not be acceptable. I hadn’t realized there was an even more odious initiatives in AR.

    This morning I was watching MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and Joe Scarborough was saying that the left-wing view that theirs was a vote of “hope” contrasted against the right-wing vote of “fear” was a bad argument because on the right voters are just as “hopeful” about the future of the country if their party comes out on top. THAT MISSES THE POINT! How can anyone sanely argue that opinions on the far right were not influenced by fear, be it long-standing race fears (in the case of Obama) or homophobia on the initiatives you mention above.

    To this day I still cannot fathom how relationships among consenting adults threaten me and my relationships, and society at large, whether those relationships are interracial, international, or between members of the same sex. In fact, it is the relationships among large groups of same-thinking people who try to restrict the rights of others that I believe are the greatest threat to a society.

  3. Yes, now that my Obama-induced euphoria is wearing off, I feel increasingly dejected. How is it that Americans can intentionally codify discrimination into law? I can’t fathom it, how they justify this to themselves.

  4. Well, at least I am not alone in feeling conflicted.

    I just wrote a new blog post on my blog that I pretty much deleted, because it sounded more bitter than I wanted it to.

    I am right there with you in your feelings about SSM and religious intolerance – it’s ridiculous and depressing. And I am also dealing with my own internal struggle at having discovered that my new home is MUCH more racist, sexist, classist than I thought possible in this blue state of mine. I only moved a hundred miles away, but I feel like I’ve gone to another planet. I mean, what do you do when you’re the only brown person in the building and someone writes the “N Word” on your new place of employment? I mean, besides cry and then wonder if you are being paranoid?

    Obama has his work cut our for him – and for all of us.

    Hang tough, my library sister.

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