Now I can breathe…

Whew. I’ve been wanting to celebrate about all the sweeping political changes of the past two days, but have been on pins and needles over the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention today. I’m glad to hear that the MA Constitutional Convention was recessed today before a vote could come up on a proposed constitutional amendment aimed to strip same-sex couples who have already married in MA of the legal protections those marriage afford us.

Some of these protections:

  • hospital visitation rights
  • health insurance coverage
  • shared parental rights

We are not bogeymen. We are not trying to “convert” children. We are not deviant. What we are is a family, two people who love each other and have committed ourselves to each other in legal (and sometimes spiritual) ceremonies. Our families are not all that different from other families, save for the gender composition of them. I’m so happy that all of these families – my family – can breathe a sigh of relief.

And now, how about those changes in Congress? Hot damn! No more Republican control of both the Legislative and Executive branches of government – back to checks and balances – woo-hoo!

3 thoughts to “Now I can breathe…”

  1. Before you dance in the street: conservative Democrats were voted in and liberal Republicans were voted out, and conservative issues on the ballots passed. Do not ever depend on the media to tell you the truth, regardless of your party affiliation.

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