Missing Philadelphia Woman – Latoyia Figueroa – Get the Word Out!

Please help find Latoyia Figueroa!

This post lifted word-for-word from blackfeminism.org (and seen in other iterations on many other blog sites):


She isn’t white. She isn’t rich. She is a mother. She is also pregnant. And she’s missing, and has been for the last 8 days.

Latoyia is is 24 years old, 5′ 0″ tall, with long, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

There is a $10,000 reward for her return. You can donate to the fund via Amazon, or PayPal (go to All Spin Zone and look in the right rail for a link to the PayPal pay page).

If you’re a cynic (and I am), you may prefer to contribute to the fund by mail. Send a check payable to “Latoyia Figueroa Fund,” and mail it to:

Citizens Crime Commission
1218 Chestnut Street, Suite 406
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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8 thoughts to “Missing Philadelphia Woman – Latoyia Figueroa – Get the Word Out!”

  1. i hope that she is found and she is safe and sound. hopefully everything will work out well for her. i check everyday on the status of this case. she may not be white or rich but she is still a person. may GOD be with her and her family.

  2. Maybe this woman be returned to her family safe and sound. Its so sad that it took money and pressure from different places to get this case the national notoriety that it deserves. So much coverage on that runaway bride I know there are slow news days but give me a break. The color of ones skin is still and forever this country achilles heel. May GOD be with her…….

  3. I am deeply saddened by yet another black female’s disappearance or death has to be placed on the back burner in front of a white person..This is just unexcuseable…This is a beautiful woman with a child. May God be with her family..I pray she is found safe!

  4. I saw this story several weeks ago. Tomorrow, she will have been missing for one month. I wish Latoyia received more media attention. Someone out there knows something. She is a beautiful woman with child. She also has a seven year old daughter. My heart goes out to her family and especially her daughter. I pray that she is found safe and very soon.

  5. I am so sorry to here about this beautiful young women. This is so sad to here how the press is not taking this case serious, because the color of someones skin this world is so jack-up it is so sad how one many african americans have to keep fighting to get justice. Please to the family stay strong and may god be with you.

    To the Loving Family of Latoyia Figueroa…

  6. It’s sad out here in Philadelphia. The city is getting more and more dangerous out girls have to watch thereselves out here and even young guys. I’m very hurt and i feel horrible even though i don’t know her but I jus think that she didn’t deserve it. It doesn’t matter if she wasn’t a good or evil person, this girl been missing. Come to find out they found her body. I’ve had enough its time we end this it is time for everyone to get there act together and come together as 1 its time we join hands. It is time the young guys out here stop dealing drugs, buying guns, it is time that the young girls out here stop hating, fighting one another, etc. This shall end its so devastating i cant go on it hurts. I just wanna say i send my prayers to the father up above. “AMEN” May she rest in peace 1 luv to you Letoyia

  7. I would like to thank all of you who are praying for my family during this difficult time. I want to extend our deepest appreciation from the bottom of our hearts, we are realizing that this is just the beginning for us. We have to go through with the viewing and burial but the real challenge is when we have to relive all of this during the court hearings and having to watch that murderer in the court room? Only God can strenghten us to endure this test and we are eternally grateful for all those who are sending prayers. I am her cousin, God Bless You Toyia we miss you and love you. Rest peacefully and know that we have not forgotten you!

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