Letter to MA Senator Scott P. Brown

Yesterday, the MA Legislature voted 62-134 to advance a constitutional amendment to the 2008 ballot which would essentially redefine marriage in the state to opposite-sex couples. How delightful for me to find that my state senator, Scott P. Brown, was one of those 62 (they only needed 25% of the Congress to advance the measure).

I’ve been thinking on this since I heard the news yesterday and burst into tears. While the letter I wrote to Senator Brown, copied below, isn’t an outstanding piece of writing, it is from my heart. If you’re from MA, check to see if your elected representatives voted to advance the measure. And then contact them to either thank them for voting to keep constitutional rights for all or admonish them for choosing division and the creation of second-class citizens in this state.

Dear Senator Brown,

As a woman married to another woman who lives in your district, I am disappointed and angry that you voted with 61 others yesterday to limit my civil rights. Yes, YOU voted to turn your back on your constituents and to remove Constitutional rights that gays and lesbians currently enjoy. YOU personally are responsible if this ends up going on the ballot. I hope you are proud of yourself, for telling me, in essence, that as a citizen, my rights do not matter to you. Trust me when I say that you are not fit for office if you have that attitude about your constituents.

A year ago I was thrilled to be moving to Massachusetts, the only state in the nation at the time that seemed to give a hoot about the civil rights of gays and lesbians. Today, less than 12 months later, I realize that my enthusiasm does not extend to the 62 of YOU. You have dampened my joy in living my life here, with my wife, in the house we purchased in your district. Does it feel good knowing that you personally are responsible for the fact that I feel more unwelcome in this state than I ever did in Pennsylvania, home of Rick “man-on-dog” Santorum?

I rarely get this mad, and have never resorted to using profanity towards an elected official before in a letter. But your vote yesterday deserves swear words, for it was a profane vote. I end this with an angry f*** you, Senator Brown.

On the other hand, my representative, David Linsky, was one of the 134 who voted against advancing the amendment. He’s getting a letter too, of thanks and gratitude.

Sigh. The battle continues, here and everywhere (except the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and South Africa.)

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