4 thoughts to “Keith Olbermann on Love”

  1. Megan,
    I have been thinking of you a lot since Prop 8 came and went. I saw your twitter about its dehumanizing, devastating effects.
    It broke my heart.
    I want you to know that I love you and I’m super happy for you and Amy and I want you two–and all people, whatever gender or sexuality they may be–to have the same rights that I had this year when I married William in Hawaii. And I know a LOT of people who feel the same way.
    You spread happiness–and unexpected gifts–knowledge, and laughter. I’m happy and honored to call you a friend.
    So consider me one more straight person who stands in favor of gay marriage. One more person who stands in favor of love, in any form.

  2. Meegs,

    That was a very powerful piece and brought tears to my eyes. Your life, your marriage with Amy is a thing of beauty and a point of inspiration in my own life. If I find even half of the love and happiness you two share, I would consider myself lucky indeed.

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