K-Mart Pharmacist Must be Stopped!

As reported in Feministing, a pharmacist employed by K-Mart in Arizona recently wrote a letter to the Arizona Republic encouraging pharmacists to lie to customers about the availability of (what can only be assumed to be contraceptive) medications. Bitch. Ph.D. calls on folks to contact K-Mart and ask for action about him. Below is the letter I sent through their web form. If you think that pharmacists should be required to dispense medications which a.) they stock and b.) are prescribed by doctors to patients, you might want to contact them too.

I would like to know whether or not you intend to continue to employ a pharmacy manager who thinks it is okay to lie to customers before I decide whether or not to continue shopping at your stores. Dan Gransinger, a pharmacy manager from Scottsdale, AZ wrote a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic on April 15, 2005 in which he tells pharmacists to lie to patients about the availability of medications stocked in their pharmacies. Would you like for all of your store employees to lie to your customers about the products available in your stores? Do you think it is appropriate for the pharmacist to make a decision about whether to dispense a medication which a patient and his/her doctor have determined is necessary for them to have? If you do think that is appropriate, you can count on losing my business, the business of my friends and family, and the business of like-minded individuals. Lying to customers and forcing them to go elsewhere is unacceptable and immoral. Shame on Dan Gransinger, and shame on K-Mart for employing him!

2 thoughts to “K-Mart Pharmacist Must be Stopped!”

  1. Thanks for this. Even though I live in AZ, I avoid the Arizona Republic like the plague because of the bias it routinely shows. I was so happy and proud of Janet Napolitano when she vetoed that stupid bill but I should have realized the brain-dead in the area would keep trying.

    Another message has been sent and, until they act, Kmart is off my list.

  2. I hope you don’t mind, but I just “creatively borrowed” this post for my blog. I didn’t want to just put a link. Credit was given where it is due.

    Believe it or not, there are some smart people out here in AZ and hopefully they’ll get motivated.

    Thanks again.

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