In more voting news…

Is it bad that I’m switching back and forth from election coverage to Dancing with the Stars tonight? I’m just loving Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez!

In real voting news, it looks like a few of my candidates have won today: Deval Patrick (governor), Edward Kennedy (senate), and David Linsky (state house). Unfortunately, Jill Stein didn’t win her Secretary of State bid, but so far has nearly 20% of the vote. Not bad for a Green-Rainbow candidate challenging a Democratic incumbent in a race where no Republicans ran, and in Massachusetts no less!

I’m proud of Minnesota for two reasons today: Amy Klobuchar is Minnesota’s first woman Senator, and Keith Ellison is Minnesota’s first non-white representative, and the first Muslim elected to the House in the nation.

I wish I could stay up later and watch all the results come in, but I’m tired and have to get up early tomorrow morning for hockey practice.