Like just about everyone else out there, I’m going to vote tomorrow. (Okay, maybe not everyone. But the people I hang out with tend to be pretty politically aware and wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world.) This is my second time voting in MA – the first was in the primaries a couple of months ago. I vote in the local public library. My guess is that the line tomorrow will be longer than the line at the primaries.

MA has some big races going on – the largest is the gubenatorial race. It will probably come as very little surprise to you all that I’m going to vote for the Democrat in the race, Deval Patrick. One of the things I’ve noticed about MA is that even though there are only two candidates who might potentially win, all four candidates for governor are given similar airtime on NPR (I suspect this may not be the case on all radio or television stations, but it’s what I listen to.) Some jerk radio announcer got fired last week for referring to the Green/Rainbow candidate, Grace Ross, as “fat lesbian.” Her reply was priceless: “It’s not news to anybody that I’m a lesbian.” She looks reasonable and unflappable, he loses his job.

There are several Green/Rainbow candidates running in MA this year – after living in PA for six years, it never really occured to me that non-Democratice and non-Republican candidates might make races competitive in different ways. One state-wide race here pits longtime Secretary of State William Galvin against upstart Jill Stein – my guess is that she won’t win, but she’s got my vote.

I’m anxious about the election tomorrow – I’m hoping that there will be a sea change at the national level, and look forward to electing the first black governor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get out and VOTE, y’all! If you live in the U.S., it is your obligation of citizenship to do so.

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  1. I was just in MA for a workshop, so I heard a lot about these races. It’s funny, I don’t watch much TV at home, so I don’t know how the ads are spinning our races. I just know what I read. But in Boston I’d watch the news each night, so I saw all the crazy ads that were airing. It seemed like several of the races and issues were exciting ones. Here’s hoping for a sea of change!

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