David Linsky: My Awesome State Representative

I just received the following email from my state representative, David Linksy. He’s awesome!

Dear Ms. Brooks,

Thank you for your recent correspondence relative to gay marriage and the Constitutional Convention.

As you may know, the Constitutional Convention has been postponed until June 14th. My record on this issue has been consistent and remains unchanged, and I am happy to be able to express my agreement with you on this matter. For reasons that I have made clear on my over twenty votes and two political campaigns, I believe that civil marriage is a right that should be available to all citizens, and I plan to vote accordingly. In the three years that same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts, over 8500 couples have enjoyed the rights of marriage who could not do so previously. Their families and their lives have been improved as a result of that marriage. No one else’s marriage has been affected in a negative way. I am grateful for your support for my position on this issue. I am very hopeful that this matter will soon be laid aside, allowing us all to turn our focus to the important issues that truly impact all Commonwealth residents: Health care, education, and public safety.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. Please do not hesitate to do so again in the future if I can be of assistance to you. It is a pleasure to serve you in the state Legislature.


David P. Linsky
State Representative
Fifth Middlesex District

Thank you, Rep. Linsky. Your continued support in this means so very much to me.

The constitutional convention is in two days! If you live in MA and haven’t done so yet, contact your state representatives and state senators and remind them that voting on civil rights isn’t a good idea. Remind them that if this gets put onto the general ballot, for the next 2 years nothing will get done in this state because it will be a media circus (because – you know – the presidential election isn’t crazy enough!) Remind them that they represent over 8500 couples whose lives have been made better because we can enjoy the benefits of civil marriage, and if they vote to put this on the ballot, that’s a minimum of 17,000 adults (and untold numbers of children) whose lives will all of a sudden be made a whole lot worse.

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