S is for… SOX!

Back to the alphabet theme (I’d stopped doing it a long time ago – whoops!)

So this afternoon someone at work posted about two tickets she had for sale for tonight’s Red Sox/Twins game. I jumped at them, since she was selling them for half-price. Amy and I took the train to Fenway, had some horrid nachos at a “mexican” restaurant, and headed in to the park to find our seats.

Happy Fans

First inning, third batter is David Ortiz. Earlier this week, he’d tied a Red Sox record of 50 home runs in a single season. Would this be the night he broke the record set in 1938?

The windup – Santana delivers – and Big Papi launches one to right-center field, deep into the stands! 51!!!! The crowd goes wild!


Fifth inning – Ortiz is up again – and nails another one out of the park. The crowd starts chanting “M-V-P! M-V-P!”

The record: 52 Home Runs

So much fun to see history in the making. I’ll not forget the goosebumps of those moments for a long time. I think I’m a newly converted Red Sox fan. After being in Fenway tonight, I get it.

So S?  It stands for Sox!

More photos in the series from tonight are here.

3 thoughts to “S is for… SOX!”

  1. i hope the horrible “mexican” restaurant wasn’t el pelon… cuz that would make me cry.

    you gots to go to el pelon
    a) when you go to fenway
    b) when you want real mexican food

    (the burritos are awesome!)

    hope nothing’s changed since i was there last!

  2. the twins shoulda never dropped david ortiz from their roster! i bet gardy was sorry about that one last night! i still think the twins are the most exciting team in baseball right now, though. go twinks! xoxo

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