R is for Reading

Unsurprisingly, the letter R stands for reading in my world.  I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, while I was social and happy-go-lucky, we lived pretty far away from many other kids, so I had to keep myself entertained somehow.  And it was Minnesota.  Where winter lasts 6 months. 

So I’m a reader.  I can read until all hours of the night (well, morning, rather.)  I can read almost anytime, with the sole exception of when I’m riding in a car.  I can’t even read a map when I’m riding in a car (although, interestingly enough, I CAN read a map when I’m driving the car…)  I can read things from many genres of literature.  I read fiction, non-fiction, adult fiction, YA fiction, picture books, and just about everything in-between.

My recent reads are in my LibraryThing library – you can browse through it to see what I’ve been reading for the past few years, how I rate those books, and how I mentallly organize them with tags.  

But there are books I read before I started tracking them on LibraryThing – books that really influenced me, or touched me, or that I read over and over and over again. Most of these, as you’ll see, share a YA orientation.  They’re still amazing books.

What are your favorites?  Share in the comments, or with a link to your Bibliophil or LibraryThing catalog. 

5 thoughts to “R is for Reading”

  1. Wish I had one of those LibraryThingamajiggers, but I just don’t have the energy to get one started! Got here via Tiny Little Librarian, and I saw that your top two books are MY top two as well! I read and reread every LM Montgomery book from the age of 12 to my current age of 33. I actually like Emily of New Moon series better than Anne, but of course love Anne as well. My 4 year old daughter came very close to being named Emily Anne…Have you read the journals of LM Montgomery? They are pretty interesting too, I haven’t finished the 4th one yet. And Watership Down is my 2nd all time favorite book! And I’m a feminist, a librarian, a blogger, and hey, my best friend lives in Philly! Ok, I don’t knit. So you’re not my long-lost twin sister. Like your site.

  2. eek megan eek eek eek… you just made my day with this librarything thing!! i’ve been thinking for ages that there should totally be a service that you can use to rate/catalog books… i love it!!

    oh, le sigh, i am such a nerd.

  3. you’re cute. r is for reading for me, too. and b would be for books. so. it would make it twice on my list, at least. mmmm, the smell of books.

  4. my faves include: pride and prejudice, treasure island, and a little princess. i know. i’m warped.

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