N is for New

I love new things. While I’m not always very good at dealing with change, I do like NEW.

This week has been a new job.  Last August it was a new dog.  But usually what I like that’s NEW is a little bit smaller in scope.  For example: it pleases me to no end that Amy and I, in the course of moving in together, got to buy a new shower curtain.  For the first time in my life, I got a liner and a fabric curtain!  New all around.  Today, I hied over to the nearest Target and got myself (among other things), some new socks.  I LOVE new socks!  They feel so nice against my feet.

Other new things that I like: music, dog toys, items to read in Bloglines, email, leaves on trees, flowers in the spring, snow, razors,  routes for going routine places, books, and insights.

What new things do you like? 

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One thought to “N is for New”

  1. New books are top of the list. I knit, so new yarn/needles/gadgets are lovely. And I love new sweaters, especially if they are soft.

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