M is for Moving On

No letter image to go with this post today, as I’ve got a billion things to do before the end of the day.  For you see, today is my last day at this job, and then I’m moving on to a new job in a new city.

I’ve moved on many times in my life – some by choice, others by circumstance.  My favorite moving on was from Iowa to Philadelphia.  It was the first time I was moving to a big city – a really BIG city.  I was moving on from a job that I only liked, and into a job that I knew I was going to love.  From the time I was in grad school and had an interview at a library in Philadelphia, I knew in my heart that some day I’d be moving here.

And that time came, and it’s been so wonderful.  There are a list of things I’m going to miss about here, in this moving on:

  1. My co-workers
  2. The students
  3. The faculty
  4. The campus
  5. The day-to-day rhythms of the job
  6. The Crum Creek
  7. My house
  8. Clark Park
  9. Fu-Wah’s tofu hoagies
  10. Dahlak (and yes, yes, I know that there is the Abyssinia camp too.  I’m just not it in!)
  11. The Green Line Cafe
  12. The dog park crew – Tony, Christine, Michael, Kathy, Kimba, Tuna, Iggy, Zoe, and everyone/dog else
  13. Amy’s housemates
  14. The hockey team

And a lot of other things that are hard to enumerate right now.

But it is a moving on, and so I move on.  Tomorrow we move ourselves on to get a moving truck (and lots of Dunkin’ Donuts and the Papa Johns). And then we are moving on from here.  

Bye-bye, Philadelphia!  It’s been a great 5 and a half years.  I’ll miss you, but don’t you worry.  I’ll be back to visit. 


8 thoughts to “M is for Moving On”

  1. congrats on the new job and good luck with the move and the transition. I really liked living in the greater Boston area (Somerville/Porter Square); I hope you do, too.

  2. Good luck with the move and the new job. You’ve been a great addition to the Swarthmore community and an even better mentor!

  3. Good luck on the move! I hope that you keep us updated once you get settled. Post your pics –before and after! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs to Maggie and Otter from Miss. Maggie C. and her humans!

  4. I came over to see if there’s a Team Philly button – but maybe I should direct you to Team Boston? Congratulations on your new job and good luck with your move! I think you will love Boston. GREAT yarn stores, and very similar to Philadelphia in a lot of ways. I love them both. And I have to say, I’m very partial to the Knitbloggers up north. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. As a future colleage of yours, I can say we are very excited you made the decision to come to Boston and can’t wait to welcome you and have you as part of our happy family!

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