L is for Lunacy!

L by ClaudeCF on FlickrL stands for many things in my world; libraries, love, laughter, lefse, and left-handedness in hockey all come to mind.  But when I read the Yarn Harlot‘s blog today, and she linked to the Knitting Olympics Team Wales page, I was hooked.  And trust me when I say that L truly is for LUNACY.

I’m moving next weekend.  My yarn is packed.  My needles are packed.  We don’t have cable in the new place yet, and I gave away the bunny-ears attenae when I sold my television.  Rest assured that Amy doesn’t own any of those antiquated things.

Team Wales of the Knitting Olympics

And February 10?  Well, that’s just a few short days after I move into a new place, after Amy and I pack up our houses and move 350+ miles to a new city where we will put the bulk of our possessions into a storage unit and will try to figure out how to merge the rest of our stuff into a 7-month rental in a city I’ve never lived in before.  And then just 3 days after the Knitting Olympics begin, I will start that new job I wrote about earlier and trust me when I say that I will be brain-dead at the end of each day and how on EARTH do I think that I’m going to be able to knit up 400 yards of heathery navy blue and heathery purple corriedale wool into a multidirectional diagonal scarf?  In 16 days?

That, my friends, is lunacy. 

So Team Wales, you get me, whether you want me or not.

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  1. Go Team Wales!! You are now an honorary Welsh woman. Gwau oblegid Cymru!! (if I’m not mistaken, and my dad would kick my bum if I am…’KNIT FOR WALES’!!)

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