K is for Kumquat

K by rbanks on flickr.comEric says it better than I ever could, in his post Specter, you kumquat, regarding Arlen Specter’s supposed pro-choice stance, and his betrayal of his word to his constituents over Alito’s nomination and confirmation.

Specter is one of the few pro-choice Republicans around, and the only Republican senator I’d ever considered voting for.  He really lost my respect, and a huge chunk of his supporters, over this one.

Specter, you kumquat indeed.

One thought to “K is for Kumquat”

  1. Dare I ask what makes “kumquat” an insult? I’ve always thought they were kind of cute, and they’re part of my favorite line from The Fantasticks (“You’re standing in my kumquats!”). I like kumquats a lot better than I like Specter…

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