K is also for….


Which is really hard to do when all your stash, needles, and WIPs are packed away in boxes.   Soon, though, I’ll be able to get back into it.  I’ve decided my next project is going to be the multidirectional diagonal scarf my mom was making when she so graciously and helpfully flew into town last weekend to pack up my kitchen and office.  I’ve got yarn in mind, and a recipient in mind too.  I had planned to make a scarf for this person for Christmas ’05, to no avail.  Maybe if I start in February ’06 it’ll get done in time for next Christmas!

One thought to “K is also for….”

  1. I hope you document your big move with pictures. We moved a few years ago, and while I took pictures of the old apartment with all of the boxes stacked for moving, I forgot to take pictures during the move to the new house. I wish I had, it was a stormy, NY wintery day. If you can…. take pictures 🙂

    Good luck on the move too — and hope Otter and Maggie LOVE their new home. I’m sure they will!

    Christine and Miss Maggie C.

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