J is for Job

J by dystopos on flickr.comIt’s been a long time on the alphabet update, I know.  The letter J had me stumped for a while, and then I was out of town, and just now – really, NOW – I realized that J stands for Job.

My job for ten years has been variations on the term "librarian."  I’ve worked at Louisiana State University, a state school in Iowa (neither of the 2 you probably can name), and Swarthmore College in suburban Philadelphia.  And for a long time, I thought I’d be at Swarthmore for a long time – like ten or more years.  But one thing happens, and then another happens, and then life decisions get made, and then all of a sudden Amy and the dogs and I find ourselves driving up to Boston on Wednesday night so we can look for an apartment within 30 driving minutes of Wellesley College, where I will start working at my new job in mid-February.  

I’m very excited about this change, for a whole slew of reasons.  And I’m equally saddened by leaving Swarthmore and Philadelphia.  I like my life here, a LOT.  My co-workers are wonderful, the campus community – while imprefect – is familiar and comfortable, I’ve got wonderful friends I met through knitting and hockey and work, and Amy and I both have our first purchased homes here.  And yet, yet.  Boston.  90 minutes to family.  Friends from college (Amy) and grad school (me).  And a job that’s going to challenge me in all the right sorts of ways, with people who I very much liked at my interview, on a beautiful campus in a lovely suburb outside of an amazing city in a state that will legally recognize a committed relationship between my love and me.

So we were in town for a couple of days and found a dog-friendly apartment in a part of Boston that we both like.  Our lease runs till the end of summer, by which point we want to have sold both our houses and found a house to buy somewhere nearer to campus.  And I leave soon – in 3 weeks – to start my new job.  Amy comes a couple of weeks later, after she’s done with her next spate of classes.  I can’t wait!

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  1. I meant to email you and tell you congratulations. Instead I’ll do it publicly. Congratulations! It sounds like a very exciting opporunity. I do hope you’ll keep blogging so we can keep up with you.

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your move. And I’m sure there’s a decent community of knitters in Boston, like the one here…

  3. Wow!! Huge decisions…. but somehow I know that things will work out just the way you want them to be, for you are one of the few people whom I truly believe deserve all good things that come your way. One of the things which I often enjoy reading in your entries is how much you love your job!! ^_^

  4. OH! I am so happy for you and Amy! You are going to LOVE Boston!! I went to a 2 year school about a half hour from Boston and went to B-town every weekend on the T.

    The city is so wonderful and full of great food, great shopping, art and lots of wonderful experiences!

    I hope that Maggie and Otter love it too!

    All the best and I hope that you write about the move, the new job and all the new restaurants you try!

    Christine and Maggie

  5. welcome to boston-land! we’re looking forward to having you! if you need anything at all, feel free to get in touch.

  6. Congratulations Megan. How incredible and exiting. Boston sounds like an amazing place to live, and as you mentioned your relationship will be recognized, which is so special! I am so happy for you and for Amy too. Good luck with the transition, the move, the selling of the houses, etc. I hope you love the new job and feel comfortable and at home in Beantown!

  7. Hi Megan!

    I’m a new reader — came to your site through your post to the Boston SnB list. Welcome to town! And if your new place happens to be in Jamaica Plain, that’s my ‘hood — feel free to email me and I’d be happy to show you and Amy some neat-o local spots! Good luck with the move — it’s great that you’re so excited 🙂

  8. Me and the rest of your fan club here will be sad to see you go, but that sounds pretty wonderful. I hope it works out for the best!

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