D is for Dome

D by Bart Maguire @ flickr.comI grew up in a geodesic dome.  My parents decided to build the dome in the early 1970s, in Aitkin, MN.  It was one of the first dome homes in the state.  Needless to say, it was no uncommon for people to drive down our road to catch a glimpse of the house.

Living in a dome as a child affected my brother quite profoundly – he is now an architect.  But I too think about spaces and am very attuned to the spaces in which I find myself living.  When I started my search for a house 4 years ago, I insisted that any place my realtor showed me had to have a lot of natural light.  The dome has at least 44 windows on the second and third floors of the house, and through each of them, I could get at least a glimpse of the lake on which we lived.

The Dome It’s a beautiful home, and one I’ve very happy to have grown up in.  Sure, there were things about it the bothered me at the time (the fact that my bedroom had an opening into the living room below meant that I could hear everything that happened on the main floor, which was only problematic during the holiday parties my parents used to throw; the leaking windows, which necessitated the removal of the skylight in my bedroom) but for the most part, living there was heavenly.

When we moved to the Twin Cities in the mid-1980s, my grandparents purchased the Dome, so it has stayed in the family.  That whole side of the family now uses it as a cabin.  Fortunately it is a year-round home (it IS in northern MN, after all), so unlike many people who have cabins, we can use the Dome all winter long.  This year, my folks and Amy and I will spend a week there after Christmas, something I’m looking forward to very much.

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  1. What a lovely dome! I’ve been fascinated by domes for years & we are finally building our dream home, a 48′ concrete dome in MO. Drop by my blog for a peek.

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