39. let 4 friends pick things for me to do and put them on the list

I could have blogged about this the first day I posted my list, but plumb forgot to! I emailed 4 friends who are totally into this kind of thing, and also asked Facebook for ideas. Here are the items that they suggested which made it on to the list:

  • go surfing in Barbados (Niki & Libby & KP – I’m going with them!)
  • run a 5k (Linda M)
  • ask 4 friends what their all-time favorite movies are and have a movie marathon party (Niki)
  • be a dog for a day (sans the pooping outside) (KP)
  • milk a cow (Katrina)
  • memorize a poem (Libby)
  • pick a super touristy thing to do in Boston (Libby)
  • procure, puncture, and drink from a real coconut – be sure to include a drink umbrella, and other alcoholic libations if desired. (Jen F)
  • have a drink at the top of the hub in the prudential (I’ll join you!) (KP)
  • walk through a corn maze (Sue A)
  • mail 45 postcards to 45 different people (Libby)
  • start a game of telephone over the phone: create a phone chain of friends, call and say your message once and tell the first friend to pass it on along the chain, then see what message ultimately comes back to you. (Jen F)

I have super fun and creative friends!

And okay, technically I accomplished this item before my 44th birthday, but I like the idea so much I wanted to make it one of my 45 things to do. So there! My list, my rules.

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