37. mail 45 postcards to 45 different people.

Last time I did this, I sent postcards via Postcrossing. It was fun and cool and I enjoyed getting postcards from other people all over the world, but this time I wanted to be able to send more personalized postcards. I also wanted people to be able to opt into it, so maybe I’d get to send postcards to people who I wasn’t related to and didn’t send Christmas cards to. I created a Google form that asked for a name and a mailing address. Then I sent the form out via Facebook. And the names rolled in! The first day I sent it out, 23 people signed up. The next day, another 12 signed up!

First 35 postcards ready to send.

The last 10 came in on days 3 and 4.

Final 10 postcards ready for the mailbox.

The first postcard was mailed to a librarian friend in Holyoke, MA, and the last one to a librarian friend in Laramie, WY. Go librarians!


  • CA – 2
  • IA – 1
  • IL – 2 (one headed to Qatar after a pit stop in IL)
  • MA – 23
  • MD – 1
  • ME – 3
  • MN – 5
  • NJ – 2
  • NY – 1
  • PA – 3
  • WA – 1
  • WY – 1

Other fun facts about the postcards, where they’re going, and who they’re going to:

  • The farthest postcard is (likely) going¬†to Doha, Qatar by way of Illinois.
  • The¬†farthest postcard by zip code distance is going to Belmont, CA (3116 miles, just beating out Poulsbo WA at 3094 miles).
  • The closest postcards are going 2.5 blocks away.
  • Total distance traveled by the postcards I’m sending out based on zip code distance from my house is 24,744 miles – just about once around the equator!
  • If I include the postcard going to Doha, the total distance will be 31,258 miles.
  • One little boy is getting two postcards because both his moms signed him up without knowing the other had already done it.
  • I’m related to 4 of the postcard recipients.
  • I’ve lived with 4 of them.
  • I’ve known 6 of them since I was 18.
  • There is not full overlap between any of those three groups of people.
  • I’ve never met 4 of the recipients in real life.
  • I share a full birthday (day, month, year) with one person
  • Seven people are librarians.
  • Thirteen of them play hockey.
  • I met 4 of them through Crossfit.
  • Another 3 I met through playing indoor soccer.
  • There are (at least) 4 knitters in the crew.

This was such a fun way to get connected with friends! I highly recommend sending postcards to people in your life, just to let them know you’re thinking about them.

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