32. get the tattoo I picked out on my 40 in 40 list

So it’s not technically the tattoo I picked out five years ago, but it is one that I love. Melissa Baker at Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo in JP designed it for me after a consultation in October, and on December 9, she inked it on me. I will say that the pain of getting this was pretty spectacular, but it’s oh so worth it. I LOVE IT.

Its location is on my right ribs, just below my bra-line, which makes photographing it a bit challenging. That said, here you go:

Snowflake tattoo detail
Snowflake tattoo detail
Tattoo on my ribs
Tattoo on ribs

I spent a little over 2 hours getting this done. As I said, the pain was pretty intense, but oh my heavens it was worth it to me. So happy.

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