29. procure, puncture, and drink from a real coconut

I was very excited about this item on my list! Seeing as how I was going to get to see LJF at the Lobster Bake (and she was the one who suggested I add this to my list), I purchased a coconut expressly for the weekend. Then I promptly forgot about it in the throes of cooking mussels, eating lobster and oysters, and generally enjoying the mayhem of that weekend.

When Amy and I got home on August 4, I found the coconut in the car. And so we gave it a shot. Level of success: sadly, low.

The coconut.


Drilling a hole in it.


Boozing it up.


Drinking it.

What you don’t see is that sadly, the coconut was rotten and so the booze combined with rotten coconut water was simply disgusting. Alas. I might try it again with a green-skinned coconut though. I’ve drunk from one of those before and it was delicious.

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