18. try 5 new restaurants

  1. The Friendly Toast with Amy and Meena, May 17
    • Such a great brunch! YUMMY.
    • And spending time with Meena is always fabulous.
  2. 51 Lincoln with Amy for our anniversary, July 23
    • Food was good.
    • We had fancy drinks with dinner.
  3. The Tavern with Amy, August 29
    • The oven was broken.
    • Two kegs kicked when we ordered beer.
    • No one could fix the oven or change the kegs because everyone was at a wedding.
    • So we ate deep-fried things.
  4. Farmstead Table with Amy, November 6
    • We ordered way too much food.
  5. 4 Bells with Amy and both sets of our parents, November 28
    • Fried chicken on a salad = heaven.
    • Pimento mac and cheese. *high five*
    • Buttermilk biscuits. Glorious.

I’d go back to 4 of those 5 restaurants with great pleasure. And I’m sure I’m going to get to 5 more new restaurants before my year is up, so look for me to reprise this one to make up for some other thing I haven’t gotten to!

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