15. plant a tree

I can’t believe I’m a month behind in blogging! Of course, it’s been a busy month, so there is that.

On September 27, our friend Libby asked Amy and me to come help her plant holly trees. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Self, holly isn’t a tree! It’s a shrub!” And I would say to you that holly is a tree and a shrub and it doesn’t really matter anyway, because it’s my list and I get to decide what counts. This counts!

Megan, Amy, and Blue Prince and Princess
Megan, Amy, and the two holly trees: Blue Prince and Blue Princess
Megan planting a Blue Prince holly tree
Blue Prince going into his hole.
Megan planting a Blue Princess holly tree
Blue Princess going into her hole.
Libby poses with her two holly trees.
Libby poses with the Blue Princess (left) and Blue Prince (right).

What a gorgeous day to plant trees! I hope these grow well, pollinate well, and are beautiful all year long for many years to come. Thanks Libby for inviting me over to help!

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