11. milk a cow

It was Dairy Day at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA, and my friend Katrina and I┬áheaded up so we could get there for the 10-11am milking time.┬áThe line for milking Jane the cow wasn’t too long when we got there. We were at least 35 years older than anyone else in line, but I’d argue that we had more fun than anyone else there.

And then @beatkitkat and I crossed another item off our respective lists. #45in45

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Drumlin Farms is so cool!
clockwise from top left: me with Jane the cow, Jane, a super cute piglet, the world’s coolest chicken hairdo

Huge thanks go to my friend Katrina for putting this on her 40 by 40 list, because I was so entertained by it that I put it on my list!

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