5. Fly a kite

On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, I had FIVE adventures with Libby, Jen, and Amy, which we dubbed the L-JAM Adventure Day. We voted on what we wanted to do after throwing about 20 ideas out there, and the top 5 won. On the list? Flying a kite in Boston Common!

Flying a Kite

At first I was unsuccessful with the rainbow-colored stunt kite. Perhaps we were making things too hard with that one. Amy and Jen didn’t have any success with it either, although I’m attributing that about 99% to user error…

Successfully Flying a Kite

But then I had success with Spiderman! Spidey always saves the day! And really, there is nothing like flying a $5 kite on a beautiful summer day.

Other things we did that day include hopscotch and jump rope, eating food we’d never tried before (in this case, pork bellies and grilled pineapple, both of which are totally on my “eat again” list), doing some exploring in a graveyard and finding good epitaphs, and something I’ll blog about later, because it is also on my list of 40 things to do in my 40th year!

3 thoughts to “5. Fly a kite”

  1. you’re going to have to do that one again i’m afraid. a real kite has at least 2 lines, with 1 you’re just pretending you’re 4 again.

    being the recipient of one of those 40 postcards might convince me to turn a blind eye however.

    nice to see you’re having fun..hugs!

  2. blame it on the wind! i can see that trying to launch one yourself while running is hard, that’s surely why you got married?
    you’re getting worse at mailing than i am, but ok 🙂

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