25. Ride a rollercoaster

On July 16, Amy and I hopped into the car, drove down to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT, and rode a rollercoaster.

Riding Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash is a wooden rollercoaster that has been rated very highly by wooden rollercoaster enthusiasts in the past several years. It’s long, it’s fast, and honestly? It’s fun! I’m not a huge amusement park fan, having a tendency towards turning lovely shades of green when I get thrown around too much. However, we got to the park and made a beeline to the ride so we could ride it and be done with it even if we did get sick. The photo above was taken on our second (of 4 or 5 – I forget) ride. We made sure to ride in the middle, the back (this photo – love how there isn’t anyone else in the car behind us since there was a wee bit of a “little kid getting sick on it right before our ride” kind of issue happening), and the front (but not the very front).

We only rode two other rides that day – the log flume that didn’t soak us even though we both really wanted it to (it was about 98F out that day) and the ski lift to nowhere (which was slow, but provided lovely views of the surrounding area on our way down). The rollercoaster was definitely the best part of the day. And now I don’t need to ride one again for a long time.

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