24. Read a romance novel

I tried. I really did. I scoured through all sorts of romance books at Target and at the public library. And I honestly couldn’t pick any of them up without wanting to … well, they just weren’t going to get read. We’ll leave it at that.┬áSo I sat and I thought. And then I sat and thought some more. And then I remembered that the author of one of the knitblogs I read had recently published a book, and she mentioned that she went to RWA to promote it. RWA? Romance Writers of America… Bingo!

The day after I got the book at the library, I had a pretty bad day (migraine – ugh!) and slept all afternoon. That meant that by midnight, I was wide awake and not ready for sleep. I picked up How to Knit a Love Song, started reading, finally got tired, and didn’t put the book down until 3 hours later when I was done with it. It was pretty great, not what I was expecting from a romance novel. Thanks Rachel!

2 thoughts to “24. Read a romance novel”

  1. I’m sorry, but if there aren’t any: longing looks, fainting, heaving bosoms, dark quiet strong mysterious men, mistaken identities, orphaned young women forced into being nannies, or surprises like “are you really my long lost very rich father?” – THEN, it isn’t a romance novel.

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