I exist.

I didn’t quit.

So as is probably pretty clear, I never did finish my 45 in 45. For a while I felt pretty bad about that, but then I remembered that it was my list of things to do for me. Not finishing it doesn’t reflect poorly on me, it simply reflects the reality of how my life changed after I got a new job in September 2015 and added 450 miles of commuting to my life every week. That, as it turns out, is a lot of podcast time, a lot less computer time, and way less doing-stuff-after-work time. That being said, I did do a couple more things on the list after my 45th birthday that are worthy of note:

3. run a 5k 

I ran the Tufts 10K in October 2016, about 5 months after my birthday. It was a good run; I finished about 5 minutes slower than when I ran it 5 years earlier, so I count that as a victory!

24. plan our 10th anniversary trip with Amy

We went to Iceland in July 2016! It was incredible! I loved it! We both want to go back! You should go! It’s so beautiful!

And finally…

The one thing that I did want to mention is that my little Maggie died last November. I haven’t known how to write about it – mostly because the world has been on fire since she died the day before the 2016 election and those things are so closely intertwined in my heart. She was a good dog, even if she was also a hard dog. I miss her.